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What to do

Just 5 steps

How to make best use of this powerful tool

You may want to use effectiviTREE just as a tool. That´s fine and a lot of users do that. But think twice: effectiviTREE is more than a tool. Here are 5 simple steps forward:

There are many organizers out there. effectiviTREE stands out by the effective, forceful system it puts to work. Use it to arrange Your goals an tasks by ongoing projects and circles of life.

  • Split big and unclear projects into plain, executable tasks. Like branches and leaves of a tree
  • Activate the two or three most important tasks of any project or circle of life
  • Select the top 3 of them
  • Tackle them and don´t let them go til they are done
  • Back in the tree delete them, activate successors and go on with the next top 3 ...
Screenshot 1

Step 1

Break down big, unmanageable goals into small, executable steps.

Maybe You want to add some icons or a date. Maybe You want to add a link or two to some web ressources. Maybe You want to take a foto of something related to a task. But that´s it.

Screenshot 2

Step 2

Choose, what´s next. Select one or two most important tasks of each of Your projects or circles of life.

Most people have up to a dozen or more circles of life and ongoing projects. That makes them get a list of twenty or more such "most important" tasks.

Screenshot 3

Step 3

Choose the top 3 tasks for today

Which of the active tasks are the most important? Don't deceive yourself. Don´t choose the easy, the small and the pleasent ones. Choose the important. You always can find 3 of them.

Maybe You end up with four or five or perhaps only two. Later on that will be ok. But for the beginning best practice would be to create kind of a daily ritual and go for exactly three top tasks.

Screenshot 4

Step 4

Roll up Your sleeves

Go for Your 3 top tasks. Don´t let go. Get all three done.

The important "thing to avoid" would be inserting a new one, when one of the top task is done. Do all three tasks before replacing anything.

Screenshot 5

Step 5

Make it a cycle.

Don´t delete finished tasks on the action view. Go to the structure and delete them there. effectiviTREE will automatically lead You there. That is an important part of the system.

Now take a look: Which new tasks evolved around the finished ones? For each one choose the next to become active.

Now go back to the action view. Choose the next top 3 tasks.

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effectiviTREE improves efficiency.